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Books are a way that people can escape reality and dive into a whole new world. Authors and/or publishers give their all to bring these books to their readers through hard work, advertising, marketing, etc. While sifting through social media and internet resources, we have noticed the lack of personalization offered. Many authors or publishers settle for premades, make adjustments to descriptions, or go for options that are not exactly what they want. 

Project Artevi is run by Azurel Cosplay (Marina Bair; bookstagrammer and model) and Asombra Studios (Natisha Bethers; freelance photographer) for the writing community for these reasons. We offer reasonably priced personalized book promotion photoshoots, character photoshoots, covers, stock images, etc.

For us, the most important thing is to achieve what the author or publisher has in mind for their writings or books. We work closely with our clients to make sure that costuming, props, location, and editing are what they had in mind. We can do anything from simple book cover shots, to literally bringing a character or scene to life. All the images we produce will be given to the client for any means they would like: covers, advertising, appeasing fans, websites, social media, etc. 

When we do character photoshoots, we are especially dedicated to accuracy by having model(s),props, attire, location, scenes, etc. approved by the author or publisher.

We would love to help authors and publishers bring their works to life, and allow them to have professional images of their dream coming to life! 

Click on the icons to go to our social media links! You can see more featured videos on our last book character photoshoots! 

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