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Fantasy Edits Graphic Design

+ $100 to photoshoot

Will receive added 2 Fantasy Edits from photoshoot

Prices are subject to change if more services/edits requested

As a freelance photographer, one can compare regular edits with those that I fondly refer to as "fantasy edits" and there is definitely a difference. A regular edit enhances the photo, bringing out the best in a raw photo, where as a fantasy edit adds a "Wow!!" factor! There are different types of fantasy edits. Some can have fantasy/fiction things added it, and some just include getting rid of things that are distracting from the picture, and/or adding on filters or mixing other pictures. Caution: asking for one of these edits may result in double-takes of people who are scrolling across their news feeds and glimpse the picture, or staring too long at a framed photo! :)

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