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Asombra Studios is run by one person, me :)

Just to tell you a little about myself,  My name is Natisha, and I love what I do!

I am trilingual: (Hablo español) Spanish, English, and American Sign Language. So I offer all of my services in all three languages :) My husband is also Brazilian so I do have a translator for Portuguese if needed. 

There are many services that I can offer, but I've focused on two of them... and I decided to combine them underneath one business name, Asombra Studios. (Formerly Guardian of Memories Studios).

To give you a brief background in each of them, here we go: 

Photography: I have been doing photography for about 16 years. I started out as a secondary photographer for a studio and then eventually started shooting by myself. I have studied photography for a couple of years.

Graphic Design: Self-taught, I started teaching myself Photoshop when I was 12 years old. I love it and can do anything from photo manipulation edits to logos. 

Feel free to follow me on my social media!

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