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PHOTOGRAPHY LOCATION IDEAS in Utah and Salt Lake Counties

I am mainly based in Utah County or Salt Lake County for a lot of my services, but I don't mind traveling (there usually is a fee if it is quite the travel, just to pay for gas). There are way more locations than I have listed here, but this will get at least your mind rolling! If you do want one of these locations in particular, let me know!

To see the full images in the slides, click on them!

Big/Little Cottonwood Canyon

There is a big cottonwood canyon and a small cottonwood canyon! Both are gorgeous locations! In summer and winter, it is perfect for photographs! Keep in mind, in winter, you will most likely have a decent amount of snow, so be prepared for that! There is no fee for the canyon, and since both are so large, it is suggested to meet at the base of the canyon, then have you follow me to the desired spot!

Little Cottonwood Canyon located just passed Cottonwood Heights, UT

Big Cottonwood Canyon located just passed Sandy, UT

Provo Library

This is a great modern location, but can also be used as a good cosplay/unique location as well! It is free, but there are events hosted there so you must be mindful of them! There is also (not pictured) an underground parking garage as well.

Located in Provo, UT

Salem Pond

This park has a beautiful rolling hill with trees and surrounded by a white fence. It has a walking path, a little pond, and a large bridge that crosses the pond! Beautiful location that can also capture the mountains in the back!

Located in Salem, UT

Utah Lake

There are a lot of locations around Utah Lake that you can get a shot with the lake in the background. If you want down by the water, a lot of places will have you pay to get in, but there are locations you can get close like the location I shot down below. 

Images located in Vineyard, UT

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon has a ton of spots that are just golden if you're looking for any type of forest or field! Depending on the time of year, you can get different looks!

Located passed Provo, UT

Pleasant Grove Foothills

There are a lot of beautiful locations where you can find little paths, or mountains in the background, or get the valley below! Either way, there are gorgeous locations there. 

Located in Pleasant Grove, UT

Pleasant Grove Vintage Place

This is a location of a connection of mine! Their place is amazing and so full of fun things as well as rustic/vintage feel. They do also have a huge field with trees and the mountains in the back as well. This location has an extra $15/hour shooting charge (just to help them​ maintain their place). If you want to shoot here, contact me at (435)676-1773.

Located in Pleasant Grove, UT

Utah Capitol

Very popular location! It has grass, trees, and a path outside, and the building itself, inside and out, has beautiful white themed stone. 

Located in Salt Lake City, UT

American Fork Ampitheatre

This is a popular location, and if you're planning on shooting there, it is free, but understand part of it might be in use for an event! When I went and shot the couple below, the steps area was being used for a wedding. 

Located in American Fork, UT

Dry Creek Park

Pathways around the park with neatly trimmed grass and really nice looking trees that frame the subjects very well!

Located in American Fork, UT

Castle Park Wedding & Events

Want a castle? Beautiful ballroom? Cabin? Flowers? Arabian-like pavillion? Castle Park has it all! It is a versatile location , and is amazing to shoot at! You do have to reserve in advance, and they will let you know what is accessible that day you want to shoot. It is also an extra $35/hour to shoot there, but totally worth it if this is the look you want! You can visit their website to see more!

Located in Pleasant Grove, UT

Spanish Fork Canyon

There is some hidden red rocks up spanish fork canyon! There are a ton of spots up this canyon, and this location is just one of them. 

Located passed Spanish Fork, UT


Beautiful location; lake and mountains and a large flat landscape! One tip to look out for is mosquitoes for a fair portion of the year and that it can have a smell! Be careful in heels as well, there is a lot of soft sand that's easy to sink into. But it is worth it for the gorgeous flat expanse of land, reflections, sunsets, water, etc.  

Located in Magna, UT

Abandoned School in AF

The building itself looks pretty cool! From what we know, we are not allowed to enter the building, but the exterior has some pretty cool areas. 

Located in American Fork, UT

Downtown Provo

It is often overlooked, but there are so many good places to shoot in downtown Provo for a city-type feel without going all the way up to Salt Lake City. 

Located in Provo, UT

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